Plant with short-lived flowers?

Answer Many plants have flowers that last only one day. Examples are day lilies, hibiscus, and evening primrose.

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What is the name of a plant with a small yellow five petal star shaped flowers with one yellow leaf beneath the flowers?

Herbs will suddenly grow tall, flower and produce seeds then die when it gets too hot for them. That is what it means for a plant to bolt.

How do I plant flowers with a coco mat?

Purchase a wire or wrought iron wire basket for your flowers. Purchase a pre-shaped coco mat for the container, or cut a mat to the shape of your container. Place the mat in the basket and fill it ... Read More »

Flowers & Herbs to Plant With Tomatoes?

Companion planting is the theory that some plants benefit from being located next to another type of plant. For example, a plant may attract beneficial insects that feed on damaging insects feeding... Read More »

A climbing plant with pea like flowers?

Possibly it is "Sweet Pea"(Lathyrus odoratus). Here is a link to it: