Plant Sterols & Stanols in Cereals?

Answer Plant sterols and stanols, also called phytosterols and phytostanols, are a group of compounds naturally occurring in the membranes of most plant cells. Corn, wheat, rye and most cereals, as well a... Read More »

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Foods Fortified With Plant Sterols or Stanols?

Plant sterols are naturally occurring plant cells that help stop the absorption of bad cholesterol in the human body. However, it's often difficult to ingest a healthy dose of plant sterols from so... Read More »

Plant Oils Containing Sterols?

Plant oils containing sterols (phytosterols) are the oils in vegetables, nuts and legumes. In people, phytosterols are necessary components of cell membranes and are required for their vitamins and... Read More »

Who makes margarine fortified with plant sterols?

Smart Balance's Omega Plus Buttery Spread is a margarine spread that contains non-chemically processed plant sterols that are known to encourage healthy cholesterol levels. The product also contain... Read More »

Anyone up for rating Cereals On a rating of 0-10 how do you rate the Cereals from this list?

1.) Cheerios ~ 7 (I don't hate them, but I prefer quite a few different cereals over them. I love putting honey on my Cheerios!)2.) Special K ~ ? (I don't recall ever having eaten Special K.)3.) Fr... Read More »