Plant Spacing When Landscaping?

Answer Spacing plants properly separates the neophyte from the master. If you're planting a garden, consider the mature size of the plants and place them so that they have the space they need. In the land... Read More »

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Oregano Plant Spacing?

Oregano has been used since Medieval times as a culinary flavoring, as well as for medicinal purposes. More than 44 species of oregano exist, and they vary in aroma and leaf flavor. Greek oregano i... Read More »

Cauliflower Plant Spacing?

Cauliflower plants are cool season vegetables that are planted in the spring. Cauliflower plants are generally started indoors and transferred out to the garden to give them enough growing time. Cr... Read More »

Arborvitae Plant Spacing?

Arborvitaes are versatile evergreen shrubs. Plant two small columnar arborvitaes in attractive pots to accent a formal entryway, or plant several mounding types in a landscape setting. How far apar... Read More »

Squash Plant Spacing?

Squash plants, whether summer or winter varieties, are easy to grow and can be found in most vegetable gardens, sometimes in abundance. Most home vegetable gardens need only two or three squash pla... Read More »