Plant Operator Job Description?

Answer A plant operator is responsible for ensuring the safe operation of plant and equipment used in construction and maintenance activities. He also ensures routine maintenance of this equipment. A plan... Read More »

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Sewage Treatment Plant Operator Job Description?

Most people's closest brush with waste water ends with a regular stop at the toilet, but for others, managing sewage is their life's work. Many people become sewage treatment plant operators after ... Read More »

Lathe Operator Job Description?

A power-driven lathe machine equipped with a sharp cutting tool mechanically shapes metal, plastic or wood into useful objects or parts. A lathe does this work by rotating the raw material rapidly ... Read More »

Job Description for a Hot Line Operator?

A hot line operator offers counseling via the phone to troubled callers. Hot line operators assist those who are victims of violence, struggling with depression, having financial issues or experien... Read More »

Job Description of a CNC Operator Machinist?

CNC stands for computer numerical control, according to CNC Concepts Inc. CNC operator machinists are professionals who work with CNC machines, which typically replace or work in conjunction with e... Read More »