Plant Germination Science Project?

Answer Science is based on experimentation, and a good science project documents an experiment in a way that displays the result. Seed germination provides a very visible and dramatic display of results, ... Read More »

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Plant Science Project Ideas?

The best way to learn science is by doing it. Hence, plant projects are an effective way to demonstrate and understand the effects of various factors such as air, light and water on plant growth. I... Read More »

How should you put a human vitamin in a plant for a science project?

Try dissolving the vitamin in water and using that to water your plant.

Science Project on How to Grow a Plant in a Bottle?

"Impossible" bottle is the name given when an object is contained within a bottle but is too large to fit through its neck. A model ship inside a bottle is an example of an impossible bottle. Score... Read More »

Science Project on the Effects of Acid on Plant Growth?

Measuring the effect of acid on plant growth in this small-scale experiment allows you to demonstrate the greater impact that acid rain has on plants. This cheap, simple and safe botany project mak... Read More »