Plant Galls in My Ash Trees?

Answer Abnormal plant tissue growths, "galls" develop because of infections or abrasions caused by various microorganisms, insects or mites when they lay eggs or feed. With ash trees, tiny eriophyid mites... Read More »

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What Are Plant Galls?

If you have ever noticed a raised, bulbous area on a plant branch or leaf, it could be a gall. Insects can cause galls to form, as can certain bacteria and fungi. Galls are often confused with cank... Read More »

How do you plant 10 trees in 5 rows with 4 trees in each row?

You use 20 trees. I don't think you understand numbers.

What are oak galls used for?

Oak galls are protruding growths on Q. infectoria, a small oak tree native to central Asia. They are used for medicinal purposes and in the manufacturing of ink.Gall FormationThe gallwasp punches h... Read More »

What Causes Pin Oak Galls?

Pin oak galls are the biological brainchild of insects, primarily wasps, that have discovered a way to get the tree to build both a home and a food source for the eggs and larvae of the pest. Rathe... Read More »