Plant Cell Structure Project Ideas?

Answer Though most students understand the observable differences between animals and plants, distinctions between the two classifications begin at a cellular level. The most significant differences betwe... Read More »

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Science Fair Project Ideas for Plant Cell Biology?

Many students are interested in plant cells, but designing a science fair project that involves plant cells can be difficult, especially in the older grades. In order to design a prize-winning proj... Read More »

In what plant cell structure is water stored?

Plant cells contain a large vacuole to store water, nutrients and cellular waste. These cell structures occupy much of the plant cell's internal space and play a critical role in maintaining the tu... Read More »

Which structure makes a plant cell rigid?

In plant cells, the cell walls, which are composed of cellulose microfibers and proteins, are rigid structures designed to help plant organs retain their shape; direct plant cells to begin the proc... Read More »

What Are Some Ideas on DNA Structure for a Biology Project?

DNA is the molecule containing hereditary information in all biological organisms. DNA is a macromolecule, made up of a sugar-phosphate "backbone" and four nitrogenous bases. The molecule can be vi... Read More »