Planning to buy a new mobile. Help Plssss!!!!!?

Answer htc one x or Samsung galaxy note or Samsung galaxy s3 if u can extend your budget.

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Blackheads.....yeakkkkkkkkkkkk… plssss?

Go for a facial. Even if you're a guy! They will get all of them out, give your skin a good cleaning and will recommend the best products to use for your skin type. x

Party planning help This is a weird question but please try to help lol?

Okay, so I need help planning my 15th birthday, I want to have a theme, but am I too old for it HELP PLEASE!?

you need to be prepared ...have a time schedule for games and what will unfold during the course of the night..have paper wear..cups and napkins and plates and balloons in a couple of ... Read More »

Help, party planning! wine, etc help!! URGENT?

I would maybe throw an evening party for around 7 pm so you don't need to serve a whole meal, only finger foods and easy dishes. Maybe some hors d'oeuvres like spring rolls, cheese puffs, maybe an ... Read More »