Planning a new digital SLR ,advise needed?

Answer I have extensive experience with the whole line of Nikon DSLR's, including the D80 and four Nikon DX lenses, two pro grade. I often compare my stuff in the field with Canon users, and I know the eq... Read More »

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GIRLS advise needed stupid question on periods?

There is nothing to be embarassed out. The very first time someone has a period it could show up on their panties. However, then you could change them and use a pad. Maybe you should ask your Mom o... Read More »

Advise please re: Digital cameras?

These days, digital cameras are incredibly affordable. I would make sure you do your online research at websites like or which will help to ... Read More »

I'm getting a new digital camera...and i have need some advise.?

The Cannon SD750 (black) seems to be one of the best cameras for the money.… ...This could be better.… ...Also, ... Read More »

A 10 or 8 mp wide angle digital camera to shoot paintings and print to 24x36 inches Please advise?