Planing on purchasing a DVD Camcorder!!!?

Answer Who uses tapes? The people who are the pickiest about the video quality:…… Read More »

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Will be purchasing a camcorder soon, what video camera would be best?

I have had bad experiences with Canon camcorders. I have never had a problem with Sony camcorders.Sony's MiniDV camcorders are very good. You will want their HC42 or 46 at the least. 92 or 96 if... Read More »

I'm planing to be a vegetarian?

When i became a vegetarian, it was hard. I would say start with eating meat in one meal a day. For me it was dinner. Then move on to once every two days, then three, then four, etc. This maybe hard... Read More »

I'm planing to take this monitor out?

Give to a young relative or friend, Find a charity, recycling effort at a school, Craig's List, local "Freecycle" people.

What planet is NASA planing to go to?