Plane Safety Rules?

Answer Airplane safety rules and regulations are in place to help keep flyers safe while travelling. Though many of these rules are common sense, it is good to review them just prior to air travel. Adheri... Read More »

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Electric Hand Plane Safety?

According to the Tool Guru website, electric hand planers come in a variety of sizes, some small enough for one-handed use while others need both hands. Uses of the electric hand plane include door... Read More »

How to Conduct a Private Plane Safety Check?

Have you ever wondered why you see airplane pilots walking around the aircraft before it takes off? It's part of the pilots' efforts to conduct a private plane safety check, which is a crucial pre-... Read More »

Safety Rules in the Computer Lab?

The computer lab is a place where students learn practical uses for computers, such as programming or how to use a spreadsheet program. There are also safety rules that need to be applied in a comp... Read More »

Firework Safety Rules?

Fireworks can add excitement to any festivity, including outdoor festivals, sporting events and civic celebrations. However, fireworks can be very dangerous if not handled and used properly. To red... Read More »