Plane Projects for Kindergarten?

Answer Kindergarten is a good time to take advantage of kids' natural fascination with airplanes. Simple airplane projects can be made out of Styrofoam, toilet paper tubes and cardboard boxes. Students wi... Read More »

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Science Projects: Rubber Band Plane?

Making science fun is one method for drawing students into science topics, and few science projects are more fun -- especially for younger students -- than flying rubber band planes. Science projec... Read More »

Kindergarten TLC Art Projects?

Kindergarten TLC art projects are part of a learning program designed by Kaye Espinosa. All TLC projects begin as a series of squares and rectangles. The class, with you in the lead, systematically... Read More »

Kindergarten Igloo Projects?

Igloo projects in the kindergarten classroom can be used to teach children about the letter I, wintertime or Eskimos. Whatever the reason, your kindergarten students are sure to love these hands-on... Read More »

Classroom Projects for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is an exploratory grade. Students love school and learning. Everything is new and exciting. Projects in this grade engage minds and hands to create a lasting visual image, helping them... Read More »