Places to Take a GED Test?

Answer The GED test, or General Education Development exam, provides individuals the opportunity to earn a United States high school equivalency diploma. The test consists of five areas that, once passed,... Read More »

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The Best Places to Take the ACT Test?

The ACT, more commonly recognized as the American College Testing exam, is a pivotal part of the application process for graduating high school students attempting to transition into college. While... Read More »

Are there any places that can take a broken tape from a camcorder and take the information off of it?…They may be able to help you. They are a tape recovery service. I would think that if you're actual tape is fine, just the plastic housing is broken, then... Read More »

Do i have to take normal blood test for checking whether i am HIV Positive or there is a different test for it?

The only way to find out if you have HIV is to get an HIV test. HIV can not be diagnosed by any testing other than a test specifically designed to detect HIV antibodies. You need to request the te... Read More »

If you take a pregnancy test the next day after sexual intercourse because you think you pregnant is it possible the test give you the right answer?

Answer No your HCG level which is the hormone that indicates pregnancy on a test has not had enough time to go up and you would not be "pregnant" the next day the egg has just been fertilized that... Read More »