Places to Take Your Husband?

Answer When your husband gives you the opportunity of choosing what the two of you are going to do for an evening, make the most of this "freedom" and select wisely. Choose an event the two of you can sha... Read More »

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Can the father of your 16-year-old son legally refuse to allow your new husband to take your son on a trip out of the country if you've given your permission?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer What does the paperwork state? What are the father's reasons for not wanting to give permission? Will the trip interfer with his visitation and can you offer an alternativ... Read More »

Can your ex-husband take your child away because you married a sex offender?

Answer Fathers have rights too, and if a judge agrees with him, then yes he can.

What can happen if you leave your husband and take your child with you?

AnswerAsk yourself what gives you the right to have custody of the children? The best answer for ALL concerned is to talk it over with your husband and come to an agreement. With this you can then ... Read More »

Your second husband wants to adopt your son your first husband signed the birth certificate but is not his biological father how do you handle this?

It is very unlikely that a court would emancipate a 16 year old and then allow them to be adopted. If the child is in trouble or danger, the court or child services can ensure they are taken to a s... Read More »