Places to Look for Placer Gold?

Answer As water moves from higher locations to lower ones, the flow pushes along solid materials. Where the water slows, these materials slowly fall out of the water into piles, also called placer deposit... Read More »

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How much gold is recovered per ton at placer mines?

Of 201 Russian and Mongolian mining companies in 2000, 21 produced more than 100 kg of gold each, and four companies each produced more than a ton of gold. In 1993, Mongolia had 1.1 tons, which inc... Read More »

Places to Pan for Gold?

The price of gold, the world's most coveted precious metal, has reached historical highs during a period of economic reversals, foreclosures and unemployment. With just a gold pan and a shovel, any... Read More »

Places to Pan for Gold in Buffalo Brook, Vermont?

When it comes to gold, Buffalo Brook has a rich heritage. In the late 1880s, seven gold-mining companies worked along the four-mile stream, and it earned the nickname "Gold Brook." Although the gol... Read More »

How to Relieve Your Public Defender in Placer County, California?

Any criminal facing a charge with a potential period of incarceration is entitled to a public defender. Placer County, Calif., contracts this service to a private local law firm under the supervisi... Read More »