Place Value Activities for Upper Elementary Kids?

Answer Place value refers to the value (or amount) of each digit in a given number. In the number 1,879,345 the "7" is in the ten thousands place, so it stands for 70,000. For upper-elementary kids, plac... Read More »

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Fun Biography Projects for Upper Elementary Kids?

While most students will read fiction, whether in short story or novel format, biographies do not seem to have the same appeal. However, by using a few engaging projects as opposed to the tradition... Read More »

Interactive Math Activities for Upper Elementary?

The hardest part of teaching mathematics to elementary school children is holding their attention. Interactive games can help. Children like to be doing something, and they do not like to sit still... Read More »

Coloring Activities for Elementary Kids?

Give your class engaging coloring activities that stimulate their creativity, and help them gain vital skills and knowledge. Hand-eye coordination, color recognition and art skills are all gained t... Read More »

Group Activities for Elementary Kids?

Group activities for elementary kids can help them learn valuable socialization and teamwork skills. The children learn to create projects or work together. They can also develop skills that will e... Read More »