Place Value Activities for Second Graders?

Answer Children must learn place value early in order to understand the meaning of numbers. Second-grade students are ready to learn this key concept and understand numbers greater than 10. Place value is... Read More »

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First-Place Science Projects for Fifth-Graders?

Fifth-grade students can base their science projects on one of the key disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics or earth science. You should encourage your students to organize their approach to th... Read More »

How to Learn Place Value for Fourth Graders?

Learning about place value is an important part of arithmetic. Place value is the value where the digit is in a set of numbers. For example, in the number 784, the first digit is in the hundreds pl... Read More »

How to Place Mixed Numbers on a Number Line for Sixth Graders?

Mixed numbers are numbers that contain both a whole number and a fraction (e.g., 1 and 1/4). For sixth graders, learning mixed numbers is an important step for going from only dealing with whole nu... Read More »

Fun Map Activities for Third Graders?

Fun map activities can make learning geography for a third-grader an enjoyable experience. Map-based games and activities not only increase students' knowledge of the world but also help them lea... Read More »