Pit BBQ Techniques?

Answer What most people consider themselves doing over a holiday weekend is often mistakenly called "barbecuing," when in fact they are grilling. Grilling is the process of fast cooking over high heat, wh... Read More »

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Wok Techniques?

You do not spread oil on a flat surface when you cook with a wok. The oil runs down the sides and collects at the round bottom so you use less of it. When you push ingredients up the side of the wo... Read More »

2D & 3D Animation Techniques?

An animator takes a series of images and creates an optical illusion of movement. 2D animation utilizes bitmap technology and vector graphics to format styles such as tweening, morphing and onion s... Read More »

Techniques for TEFL?

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) encompasses many aspects of the English language including conversing, writing and reading in English. Students from all backgrounds will benefit from ... Read More »

Brazilian Wax Techniques?

The Brazilian wax became popular around the mid 2000s, and it was further popularized by the HBO television program "Sex and The City." A severe genital wax job, the Brazilian completely removes al... Read More »