Pioneer Braid Quilting Instructions?

Answer The pioneer braid, also known as the prairie braid, is a patchwork quilt pattern that combines strips of fabric into a decorative braid design. The pattern is most often seen around the edges of a ... Read More »

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Instructions on Simple Quilting?

While the quilting pattern on a patchwork quilt is sometimes subtle, it would be a mistake to consider it a secondary part of the quilt design. The quilting pattern must complement the patchwork de... Read More »

Quilting Table Instructions?

The art of quilting has been valued for at least two centuries both for the warmth a quilt provides and the beauty it brings to a home. Quilting brings with it another reward: the joy and satisfact... Read More »

One Stitch Quilting Instructions?

Saving time and effort by combining multiple steps makes your quilting project a lot less stressful, according to Donna Dewberry, one of the developers of one-stitch quilting. You can overcome the... Read More »

Strip Quilting Instructions?

If you're looking for a quick quilting project that will yield a finished product that looks more intricate than it actually is, make a strip quilt. The strip quilt method is an ideal design for qu... Read More »