Pins & needles in lower left arm & hand, loss of strength in ring/pinkie finger?

Answer Could be riding a bike with hands tight.

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What causes pins and needles in middle finger on right hand?

Why would I get pins & needles in my left hand.?

G'day Susie, Thank you for your question.In some cases, pins and needles are caused by nerve damage or other problems with the nervous system such as neuritis. No doubt the neurologist will tell yo... Read More »

Got two tiny splinters in my finger on the left hand?

Just leave them, they will work themselves out eventually. I am serious. Unless you want to cut your hand to get them out.

How do you get rid of a freaking wart on my finger on my left hand. Every time I cut it, blood comes out?

This will sound weird, but trust me, it works! Soak a cotton ball in APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Place it on the wart and wrap with tape or something that will not allow air to dry it out. Go to sleep ... Read More »