Pink discharge during 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Answer Pink is usually a sign of blood. Spotting is pretty common in the early weeks of pregnancy, it might be nothing to worry about but you should definitely call your doctor. He may want to see you, or... Read More »

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Brownish pink discharge during 6 weeks of pregnancy?

If it's a lot or continues, then call the doctor and ask them over the phone. They get plenty of calls from expecting moms and won't be upset or anything. They might just bump up your appointment i... Read More »

At seven weeks of pregnancy is it normal to see a light pink- stained mucus discharge when you wipe in front after moving your bowels?

Answer Not really, but it could be nothing. If I were you, I'd call my doctor and see what they say. They may want you to come in or they may know just by what you tell them that it's nothing.

Is brown discharge and light pink discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer yes this a sign of pregmancy... these discharge are called implatation bleeding and it last for one to two days--you can take a hpt to find out if you are pregnant or not..... best wishes A... Read More »

I am7 weeks prego all good so far had a US at 6wks looked great saw the heartbeat i went to the b-room 2night wiped and discharge was lil pink no spotting or cramps went again no pink should i worry?

A trained medical professional should check you out. Maybe it's fine, maybe it's not. You do need to go to the doctor to find out.