Pink and brown candy Name!?

Answer yes t think its made by brach's candy. the kind you buy at the grocery with other brach candies like flavored caramels, etc, its a selection that you pick out yourself.

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Cotton candy pink hair?

yes, i would put them in the bottom layers of your hair that way it would be harder to tell they're fake.

Can brown and pink spotting mean you are pregnant?

Answer hi there yes in fact i had that with my first baby .. apparently its a sign of the egg being fertlized. weird huh,, i allso had 2 very normal periods as well.. my daughter was born healthy a... Read More »

On your period and spotting pink brown what does it mean?

There is a possibility for a positive pregnancy, however this is only speculation. To be sure, take the pregnancy test, it will give highly accurate results

Should I get this jacket in pink, brown or gray?