Pink Floy;Comfortably numb?

Answer The fact that Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb is a classic is the only reason I'm answering this misplaced question.The song was written about Roger Waters' experience at a concert in Philadelphia. ... Read More »

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My middle three fingers are numb and have been numb for about three months I sleep on my elbow alot and watch?

Exercise them. Get a pen and scribble. Did you have a stroke. You don't give much info.Get one of those big bed pillows designed for bed reading and tv watching.

The tip of my tongue is quite numb and I haven't had cocaine today. Why do you think it's numb?

Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

I'm a kinda dark black person, should I wear light pink makeup or hot pink?

Well black black skin should be hot pink, and more of a lighter skin should go with light pink. Sounds like its gonna look good.