Pineapple every morning for breakfast?

Answer In your case it would depend on how much you eat and if it gives you stomach problem.You may need to make sure it is in syrup rather than juice if you are using canned, and with fresh it will depen... Read More »

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How many virgins does Madonna eat for breakfast every morning?

She actually prefers "I can't believe it's not virgin".Like a virgin!

Did you eat breakfast this morning what did you have Stars for every one who answers!!! and thank you !!!!!!!?

Porridge Oats with Wheat Bran, made up with water and milk and mixed with sugar and some syrup.Yummy. =]Oh, and I drank a small glass of Orange Juice while I was making it, then had a cup of Tea wh... Read More »

I want to start swimming every morning, is it best to have breakfast before or after i go?

Yes you need the fuel, eat something light and give it between 30 and 60 mins before the swim.

Prefect start to the morning. What breakfast gets you going in the morning Coffee/Tea & a slice of Toast?

I don't get much time for breakfast (although I should make time), however if I did I would preferably go for...Fresh Coffee...Scrambled egg on an english muffin with a slice of crispy but not over... Read More »