Pine Trees That Grow Well in Phoenix, Arizona?

Answer Phoenix is a dry city with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. Pines are well adapted around the world and can thrive in most conditions. Many are drought tolerant after establishment and grow... Read More »

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Can I Grow Aspen Trees in Phoenix, Arizona?

The aspen (Populus tremuloides) grows quickly to 20 to 60 tall and 15 to 30 feet wide and is native to the mountains of the American West. Its waxy green, rounded heart-like leaves "quake" in the b... Read More »

Do aspen trees grow in phoenix, arizona?

The quaking aspen tree (Populus tremuloides) is a type of poplar tree. Aspens are recommended for growing in USDA growing zones 1 through 7. Phoenix is located in zone 10 and therefore not an ideal... Read More »

Can you grow pine trees from pine cones?

Pine cones contain a seed that can be extracted and planted as a method of propagating new pine trees. The cones must be collected immediately after they fall off the tree and only the plump female... Read More »

What Pine Trees Are Natural to Arizona?

Arizona is not home to a large variety of pine tree species, but some members of the Pinus genus do grow naturally in the Grand Canyon State. Some of these pines grow only at higher elevations, whi... Read More »