Pimples on the side of my mouth?

Answer They are called cold sores, you can get medicine at the drugstore or there is some chapstick you can get at the grocery store, I forgot what its called but it's made specifically for cold sores, as... Read More »

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I'm 18 and i been having this pain on the back of mouth for 3 days now its on the right side of my mouth?

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Do you chew with one side of your mouth?

one side i guess? lol i've never payed attention to that. idk

The right side of my mouth wont open all the way?

There is a lump in my gums of the left side of my mouth?

Sounds like an abscess to me. You really need to make an appointment with your dentist. If it is in fact an abscess, it won't be painful to get rid of it. All they'll do is give you an antibiotic t... Read More »