Pimples and white stuff inside...?

Answer NEVER EVER pop, pick or squeeze pimples. It just spreads the bacteria and causes scars. Yes, the "white stuff" is pus--a bacterial infection. So don't touch them. Go to the store and buy some a... Read More »

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White stuff in pimples...?

Oh jeez, that sucks. Do you wipe them with the pad and break the skin open, or do you blot? I highly, highly recomend blotting. Anything else and you're prone to scarring- scars that will last a... Read More »

White bump with white little ball inside on my foot Help?

It sounds like a blister or a wart if it looks bigger in the nest few days you should get it checked. When you don't wear sock it opens the skin in your foot and it gets all kind of gross stuff in ... Read More »

What is the white stuff in egg white?

The clear viscous liquid within eggs shells is known as albumen. Formed of protein and water, it exists to cushion, protect and nourish the egg yolk, as the yolk gradually develops into an embryo a... Read More »

What is the stuff call to fix a roof from the inside?

Dude, are you the guy with the mobile home? Is your roof made of corrugated aluminum? You might want to try this repair from the outside instead. You need a piece of aluminum or whatever metal/m... Read More »