Pimple like thing in bottom of my lip?

Answer Sounds like it could be an ulcer (Sometimes they are really small and red, not big and white). Rinse your mouth with warm salt water twice a day. It should clear up.

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I have a weird pimple like thing on my eye-lid, can you get a pimple there?

Yes, its a stye, and they hurt!!! Dont worry, it will go away eventually all on its own, just like any other pimple."Most styes will drain on their own though this may be accelerated with a hot or ... Read More »

I have a very sore pimple thing on my vag...?

Could be a number of things like heat bumps, pimples, boils, ect. It could also be something like HPV or Herpes.... and I would suggest getting a doctor to look at it to make sure. Although I'm sur... Read More »

What is the metal thing on the bottom of tap shoes called?

According to, the metal things on the bottom of tap shoes are simply called taps. They are already attached to most tap-dancing shoes, but can be purchased separately and installed wi... Read More »

I have a pimple on my chin, big! but it isn't like a pimple, its like a inside lump.swollen it did go now?

Okay there are several possibilities here. One is cystic acne, HOWEVER, if you have not had cystic acne before it would be very unusual for it to start now and for you to have only one spot effect... Read More »