Pimp Stain is so good looking?

Answer i used to date pimpy back in the 60's...he was even hott then. he's so manly, i can't resist him.if you are lucky to get with him, he likes the yellow skin on his inner thighs rubbed.

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If Pimp Stain's gone, am I next?

OMG..did Pimpy get suspended? I knew she gets violated a lot (I mean, how could you not wanna violate that hot mess). No worries though, she had a backup, and would not leave us for long!And yah, y... Read More »

What in the world is a pimp stain?

That almost sounds like what you get when you run over one of Gladys Knight's back-up singers...but that would have been a Pip and not a.......

My bestest contact in the world, Pimp Stain got suspended!?

Yes, it's true, folks. I think I am an Answers clairvoyant. Yesterday morning, something told me I should get that back-up account going. I had this impending sense of Pimp doom...and lo and beh... Read More »

How long is Behr deck stain good for?

How long your deck stain will last depends on what kind you buy. The Behr Premium Semi-Transparent Deck, Fence & Siding Weatherproofing Wood Stain should provide protection up to six years, while t... Read More »