Pillows to Keep Neck Straight While Sleeping?

Answer Pillows, along with mattresses and sleeping positions, affect your sleeping posture. A pillow supports your neck, which in turn has to support the weight of your head. If your pillow doesn't suffic... Read More »

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Are pillows bad for you during sleeping?

You can have bad posture during sleeping regardless of pillows. With pillows, suffocation is also an issue with a bunch of them.These are rare but can happen.

How many pillows to you use underneath your head when sleeping?

i have two duck feather ones. My bf has two hollowfibre ones!

Pillows & Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be a debilitating health condition. It can prevent a person from doing even simple everyday activities such as bending down or turning around. There are many factors that can trigger ... Read More »

Proper Use of Neck Pillows on a Plane?

If your neck is positioned poorly while sleeping, this can result in neck stiffness and pain, as well as headaches, numbness in the hands and arms, snoring and insomnia. On an airplane, you are in ... Read More »