Piercing inside of wrist?

Answer Ask a piercer ********? but i think it would look ugly, and you might loose your hand, and a lot of blood.... pierce anything else

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How to Get a Wrist Piercing?

Piercing is not just about the earlobe in today's day and age. The movement called "bod mod" (body modification) is all about piercing, tattooing and altering one's body with ink, jewelry or other ... Read More »

What is better i cant decide... a wrist tattoo that honors my grandmother or a lip piercing?

Tattoo! its for your grandmother.a lip piercing has no meaning.I would defiantly go for the tattoo but its up to you! oh my god i'm a poet and i didn't even know it.good luck hun ! :D

How do I break my wrist fast, from inside my room?

woah, when i saw this question i was like wtf. then i read it, and i get it. If your self conscious about being overweight in a bathing suit, just tell your coach about it, coaches are there to hel... Read More »

My lip piercing got stuck inside my lip can it be hazardous to my health?

Sounds pain full! If it stainless steel or ceramic your body will most likely in encapsulate in scar tissue and you will have a weird lump. I would suggest you see an oral surgeon to have him remov... Read More »