Pierced own ear, swollen and stinging!!?

Answer Just keep cleaning it. I pierced my own lip about 15 years ago and it was gross and puffy too. I had it for years tho and nothing bad ever happened. Just got a cute little hole there now.

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Okay so I got my tongue web pierced and I want to know how long it should be swollen for ?

If it's been one week, it's pretty normal for there to be SOME swelling. It takes about 6- 8 weeks for your mouth to fully get used to it. To help the swelling go down, rinse your mouth in salt wat... Read More »

Can i get my nose pierced and belly buttton pierced at 14 with my parent in NH?

I live in New Hampshire, and I'm fourteen and I got my belly button pierced in Hudson about a month ago with my mom c: most of the places I got in touch with said you have to be sixteen or eighteen... Read More »

Swollen lymph nodes in neck and ear, swollen left upper rib cage.?

I agree with your Doctor. Swelling of lymph nodes is extremely common in colds and viruses. I would give it several weeks before you get to worried. Especially since the swollen nodes are accompani... Read More »

The left side of my forehead and eye area is kinda swollen. Maybe the bone is a little swollen to, idk.?

If you have a bad headache you should take a couple of paracetamol , your headache should ease in about 10 to 15 minutes.............