Piece of pencil "lead" stuck in my foot?

Answer In order to remove the lead, you could try lightly pressing either side of the area that the lead is stuck with your fingers and this should move the lead further towards the skin. Once the lead st... Read More »

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My daughter got a piece of wood stuck on her foot. She doesn't let me take it out. What should I do?

tell her it could get infected and fall offthen she'll want it off

How do I remove a small piece of glass that's stuck in my foot?

Let it work its way out. DO NOT USE TWEEZERS. This can make the glass splinter and be even harder to remove. If it doesn't work itself out in a couple days and you can't get it with your fingers yo... Read More »

What would happen if my foot becomes infected from the piece of glass in my foot. ?

holy crap people on this site get way too over dramatic with this stuff. CALM DOWN you don't need to get your foot amputated. if it were that bad your foot would be black by now and you wouldn't ... Read More »

How to Play Mastermind With a Pencil and a Piece of Paper?

What is master mind? Master mind is a code-breaking game for two players.