Pictures taken with my camcorder camera not readable on computer?

Answer many cameras can take pictures in several may have accidentally changed the format to one your computer does not read.Check the manufacturers website for a program for your computer.als... Read More »

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How do I print pictures taken with a digital camera?

Open the pics and click the print option in the file tab for christ sakes. Where do you get the inane notion that digital has anything to do with it?

What is the quality of pictures taken with a 6 megapixel camera?

They can produce good 5x7 pictures, and almost acceptable 8x10. If you are using it to produce shapshot or scrapbook size pictures - or for the internet, it is more than adequate. I suggest going t... Read More »

How many pictures can be stored on a 1gb sd card taken with an 8.1mp camera?

How many pictures can be taken with a 2GB memory card for a digital camera?

You can store up to 2,272 pictures on a 2 GB memory card with your digital camera. The actual number of pictures you can store depends on how many megapixels the camera has.References:Crucial: How ... Read More »