Pick your favorite?

Answer Girlie GirlDiet PepsiGolden RetrieverChristmasSoccer

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How to Pick Your Favorite Number?

Over time, people may ask you "what's your favorite number?". But will you have an answer? Chances are, no. So you might want to get one.

How to Pick Your Favorite American Idol?

2008 American IdolAmerican Idol is a TV show created by Simon Fuller. It's aired on TV at the first 5 months of the year. And the goal every season is to find out what America thinks out of a group... Read More »

What is your favorite cheesiest pick up line?

"I'm like a Rubik's Cube ... The more you play with me the harder I Get! "

R&P: What's your favorite Song/Video pick of the week?

Hi Mate- how can "The winner with the most TU votes gets the Best Answer"? So Mark J is just above me, last but one to answer, and I'm below him, therefore the likelihood of either of us getting th... Read More »