(Pic included) Please tell me why my home audio system wont work.?

Answer From the sound of it (no pun intended) the TV isn't passing the signal through from the PS3 to the amp. The amp doesn't support HDMI in, so you can't connect your PS3 directly into it. The lower pi... Read More »

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I have an older home theater system that has L/R audio in, but my new tv has 5.1 optical audio out.?

Well your old home theater system if all it has is analog left and right inputs (which doesn't make sense for a home theater system) it cant be surround sound. Surround sound is 5.1 separate chann... Read More »

Is the nexis audio L-7 home theater system a good sound system?

No its not; its way over priced, for what you get, cheap speakers and sub; not worth buying...and it will not work in a car....

Why wont my Windows live Movie maker audio work?

Did you do a webcam capture? I just made one using Windows Live Movie Maker and the sound was fine.Let's diagnose your problem.First, let's see if your computer's microphone is working.Go to Start... Read More »

Which brand is the best in home audio system?

halcro has the best amps if you look at what they are able to do... however, some argue they have amps that are cheaper and better sounding to them... the term is relative since we are all so diffe... Read More »