Physiological Effects of Human Interaction?

Answer Have you ever felt like you were spending too much time alone? People come together to work, celebrate, play or relax. But the interesting facts seems to be that human interaction has both physiol... Read More »

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How to Study the Physiological Effects of Dopamine on the Human Body?

The nervous system of humans is functionally mediated through the effect of several organic compounds that are known clinically as neurotranmsitters. This name is ascribed to these organic compound... Read More »

Careers with Human and Computer Interaction?

For individuals who enjoy or are good with computers, choosing a career involving computer use may be a good idea. Many positions involve computer operation, however, don't include much interaction... Read More »

Physiological Effects of Submersion in Water?

People are drawn to water. For many, being immersed in water is relaxing, playful or energizing. In fact, human beings are so well-adapted for movement in the water that it was briefly theorized th... Read More »

How to Study the Physiological Functions of Acetylcholine in the Human Body?

This article is an overview about the various functions of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the autonomic nervous system of humans.