Physical or Emotional Which hurts more?

Answer Physical or Emotional? Which hurts more?>>In general, emotional pain hurts alot more than physical pain does,n especially if you're a fragile and/or weak-minded individual and you're inflicted with... Read More »

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Which is worse physical sexual or emotional abuse?

physical abuse because it leaves marks on the person being abused and with physical abuse there is normally mental abuse too. there all bad but physical abuse is worse than all of them...

Which is worse, physical pain or emotional pain Why?

Emotional pain is worse, except in extreme conditions. Most physical pain is curable or can be made bearable. Emotional pain is of indeterminable duration and there are no pills for it.

Which hurts more for a girl?

Periods don't hurt. But cramping hurts very badly.

Which hurts more, being kicked in the balls or childbirth?

Kick in the balls, at least woman get drugs with childbirth.