Physical Effects of Nuclear Radiation?

Answer Nuclear energy is the energy emitted from the nucleus of an atom. This happens when the atom's mass turns into energy and the resulting rays are nuclear radiation. The physical effects of nuclear r... Read More »

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What effects does nuclear radiation have on the body?

Nuclear radiation will affect the human body according to the amount of nuclear energy that is absorbed into an individual's system. Other factors also will help to determine the potential health e... Read More »

The Effects of Nuclear Radiation on the Environment?

Nuclear energy is a process that was once hailed as the energy wave of the future. Using mined uranium, atoms are split, releasing large quantities of nuclear energy in nuclear power plants. The us... Read More »

Nuclear & Radiation Safety?

The U.S. Department of Energy regulates the safety of nuclear facilities and activities. The Department of Labor and the Environmental Protection Agency issue rules and regulations that govern expo... Read More »

Physical Requirements for Nuclear Security Officers?

Nuclear security officers patrol and protect nuclear installations. Most are armed and trained in using alarms and electronic equipment. Some stand guard for a set time in one location while others... Read More »