Physical Distribution Activities?

Answer Energy must move freely thorough the body to be distributed and released. Stress, anger, fear, anxiety and other negative emotions cause an internal block of energy. Blocked energy feels like a lac... Read More »

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Dance & Rhythmic Pattern Activities in Physical Activities?

The American Heart Association lists dance as one of the best ways to incorporate active play into adult life, and learning institutions include dance for PE classes across the country. According t... Read More »

Physical Activities for "Cat in the Hat" Day?

Physical activities for Cat in the Hat Day enable students to test their balance and coordination by replicating some of the tricks and physical feats of the "Cat in the Hat." Use ordinary objects ... Read More »

First Physical Activities for Pre-K?

For young children, getting outside and running around can bring a sense of glee and excitement. On top of this, preschoolers can burn off energy and learn the importance of physical activity at a ... Read More »

Physical Activities for Pre-K Homeschooling?

Children have curious minds, and this curiosity allows them to observe and learn about the world that surrounds them. The responsibility of directing a child's curiosity in the right direction fall... Read More »