Photoshop cs4 sizing photos help?

Answer 1. open your picture2. go to image > image size3. type your size desire and place it on units to pixel4. save5. save as png file

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Ring size question... sizing help?

Neither, the 5.5 will be too tight, and the 8 will be miles too big. Choose another ring, or see if they can order in the correct size for your girlfriend.

Help with sizing pictures on HP Pavvilion?

what is the file type, is it bmp? save it as jpg or gif, it will definitely decrease the size. Another is with mspaint, you can resize it by goint to Image toolbar, strech/skew, stretch by 25%/50% ... Read More »

GIRLS! I need help with clothes sizing!?

i think that your best bet would be to order them in your 5-6 and see if you can get free shipping or a coupon to be sure but if the 5-6 that you usually are fits and is loose, then the 3 should fi... Read More »

How to Morph Photos in Photoshop?

No matter the camera, lighting or even the landscape, just about every photo comes out in a standard rectangle size. With graphics programs such as Adobe Photoshop, you're no longer required to "th... Read More »