Photoshop: Gold Metal Effects?

Answer Metal effects, in particular gold metal effects, have a way of drawing the eye. This is why they are so often used in ads, signs and Web page graphics. While creating this effect can be complex in ... Read More »

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How to Use a Gold Metal Detector?

Gold metal detectors are calibrated to find even small deposits of gold and at greater depths than a regular metal detector. Most national forests permit the use of gold metal detectors along with ... Read More »

Does gold set off metal detectors?

Metal detectors sense all materials that conduct electricity. As Florida State University's Michael Davidson explains, detectors' electromagnetic fields induce currents in conductors. The conductor... Read More »

Is gold a precious metal?

Gold is a precious metal. Gold alloys are also defined as precious metals, as are different forms of gold, including bars, solutions, leaf, foil, sheets and wire. Gold is a popular investment, eith... Read More »

How to Tell If a Metal Is Gold or Brass?

Gold has historically been considered a precious metal, and one of its primary uses has been to make jewelry and decorative objects. Brass can have a similar look to gold, but it is substantially c... Read More »