Photography Thesis Ideas?

Answer Graduate-level photography students, and sometimes undergraduates, culminate their program of instruction with a thesis. A thesis is a novel creation from utilizing tools the student acquired durin... Read More »

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MBA Thesis Ideas?

Most programs offering a master's degree in business administration, or an MBA, require students to spend much of their last year composing a long thesis in which they attempt to conduct new resear... Read More »

GIS Thesis Ideas?

Geographic information science (GIS) is the study and development of geographic information systems. These systems are used in a large variety of fields to provide thorough information on the geogr... Read More »

Writing Thesis Ideas?

When pondering thesis ideas to complete a master's degree related to writing, you can decide to analyze a writer, literary period, literary genre, literary theory, or theme among other possibilities.

Communication Thesis Ideas?

To get your communications degree, some schools require you to write a thesis. You have to find a narrow subject that you can write about and study to bring some new information to the table. In co... Read More »