Photo shop cs5 32 bit?

Answer the adobe suite is built for macs. It will always work better on macs. And the 64 bit version will run faster but It wont run at all if your computer has a x86 architecture CPU.

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How to Use Corel Photo Shop?

PaintShop Photo Pro X3 is the latest version of Corel's photo-editing software. The software allows you to digitally enhance your photographs, fixing common problems like red eye, color distortion ... Read More »

Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro Photo?

If you're using a digital camera to take pictures, complementing your camera with some photo editing software makes sense. Along with other editors on the market, Paint Shop Pro offers many useful ... Read More »

How do i burn a cd of a photo shop slideshow?

Click on "File" and scroll down to "Save" in order to save the Photoshop slide show. When it is saved, go to the Slide Show dialog box and click "Output." You will have a variety of options to choo... Read More »

How to Install Paint Shop Pro Photo X2?

Paint Shop Photo Pro X2 is a widely used graphic design application created by Corel. It allows designers to create and edit bitmap images and export them to a range of formats, including JPEG, PNG... Read More »