Phonemic Awareness Primary Activities?

Answer Phonemic awareness is discerning letter sounds. This may include hearing and identifying rhyming words, hearing initial or final consonants, blending sounds, and hearing middle or vowel sounds. Thi... Read More »

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Pre-Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Activities?

Before students can tackle the task of reading whole words, they must understand what sounds that the letters that make up these words create in isolation. For many, these lessons begin in preschoo... Read More »

Fun Activities on Phonemic Awareness for Kids?

Phonemic awareness is considered an important knowledge that children need to have for them to successfully learn to read. It is the ability to recognize that words are made up of particular sounds... Read More »

Phonemic Awareness Activities for Students?

When preparing students for reading comprehension in the early grades, teachers will need to make certain their young pupils develop many literacy skills. One important group of skills they will ne... Read More »

Smartboard Phonemic Awareness Activities?

For teaching phonemic awareness to children, the International Reading Association says, "Interaction with print combined with explicit attention to sound structure in spoken words is the best vehi... Read More »