Phone that touches you back?

Answer looks like a samsung glyde from a different country heres the link to the glyde…

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Can a girl get pregnant if her bf ejaculate on a tissue and then 2 hours later she touches the tissue to throw it and its wet and then touches her vagina from outside and its wet too as she is a virgi?

Are white iPod touches better then black iPod touches?

No not that I know. because the white iphone's are no better than black i think they just made white to have a special unique iPod :)

Whats the telephone "code" that makes the phone ring back when a phone number is busy?

here are all the codes for you!!!

Should I get rid of my smart phone and go back to a dumb phone?

Well it is all personal preference. And if you say the other one is dumb, that means you want to stay with smart phone.