Phone help go minutes What am i doing wrong?

Answer let your pet goat read the instruction book....the goat will figure it out man!!!

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Please I need an answer...everytime I turn my T.V on its flickers for a good few minutes.what's wrong with it?

it sounds like the cathode ray tube is on it way out, it only only starts to work properly once it warms will start to get worse as time goes on, and eventually, it will just stop working and... Read More »

How can I waste my phone minutes ?

Late at night grab you're house cordless phone and call you're cell phone then leave both phones connected all night long as you sleep that will eat up like 8 hours a night just hope nothing happen... Read More »

Can I get free minutes for my phone?

Can you use a prepaid T-Mobile phone just whenever you buy minutes?

Try going to your bank and talking to them, they'll cancel your card and issue you a new one so you don't have this problem again, and also report to authorities. Yes, you can buy minutes and use t... Read More »