Phomopsis Blight of Juniper?

Answer Phomopsis blight is a fungal disease that infects many types of juniper, including Rocky Mountain, creeping and eastern red cedar. The disease mainly affects plants in the eastern United States. Th... Read More »

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Chrysanthemum Blight?

Chrysanthemums are perennial, flowering plants that come in a wide range of colors and growing habits. They range from white to burgundy and dwarf to shrub-sized. As long as you provide them with w... Read More »

Is the"chestnut blight"a horse?

Although horses have horny growths on the insides of their legs called chestnuts or can have a coat color referred to as chestnut, the chestnut blight has nothing to do with horses. Chestnut blight... Read More »

Fire Blight on Birch?

Birch trees are a genus of tree with between 30 and 60 known types. They are predominately small to medium in size and feature a characteristic white bark. Though generally hardy, these ornamental ... Read More »

Pachysandra Leaf Blight?

Pachysandra leaf blight is a destructive disease that occurs in humid northern areas of the United States as well as in parts of northern Europe. The disease severely damages stressed and weakened ... Read More »