Philips Universal Remote CL034 and you are looking to reprogram the remote to your sanyo televison model number DS27910?

Answer this worked for mine

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What are the remote codes for a Philips Universal remote model CL034?

This remote is actually a US2-P63S. The manual is available through Philips. I have included the link to the web page on the Related links button on the left.

How to Program the Philips Universal Remote Control Cl034?

The Phillips Cl034 Universal Remote Control can be used to control such devices as a television set, cable box or VCR player. Before you can use the remote control with any of the electronic device... Read More »

Where can you find the model number of a Philips universal remote?

It can be found by opening the battery compartment and looking on the inside walls. There should be two stickers in there, one is the date of manufacture and the other is your remote's model number.

Philips universal remote control Can anyone please tell you the code for setting your Orion televison?

I've never been to a download center at target but with DS Download centers you usually just go to the download and play option on the DS itself.