Philips HQ200 Cleaning Fluid Alternatives?

Answer The Philips Norelco HQ200 Jet Clean electric shaver cleaning solution cleans the cutter head on your Philips Norelco shaver after each use. It’s designed to clean hair, skin cells and shaving lot... Read More »

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Alternatives for Home Cleaning Instead of Dry Cleaning?

Many types of clothing include a tag to dry clean only. This warning by the manufacturer informs users to have a professional dry clean the item. If you're on a budget or pressed for time, you can ... Read More »

Dry Cleaning Alternatives at Home?

The expense of dry cleaning is enough to deter some people from purchasing fabrics that must be dry cleaned. In addition to the expense, most dry cleaners use a chemical called perchloroethylene, w... Read More »

Alternatives to Cleaning Oven Racks?

Cleaning oven racks is a messy job that typically involves the use of chemical-laden products. While these chemicals clean oven racks effectively, the fumes can be overpowering. Rather than use cle... Read More »

Alternatives for Windshield Washer Fluid?

Dust, film and general nastiness eventually coat the windshield of a car after a certain number of miles, and the wipers and windshield washer fluid do their part to keep it clean so drivers can se... Read More »